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Testimonials (Yelp)

I used to have American Home Shield appliance insurance, but they screwed me over (long story) and their service charge was $100 a pop, not to mention their monthly fee. My air conditioning decided to break at the very beginning of June, and with the 100 degree weather coming soon, I needed to just bite the bullet. So I called Grupe and they were ON IT…even ready to come over that morning. Unfortunately, I work 25 miles from home, so they were willing to send someone out around 6pm when my aunt could be there. She said she dealt with Rob, and that he was completely professional and couldn’t be nicer. So, basically all the fuses in my central AC needed to be replaced, it was fixed by the time I got home, and when I received my invoice, it was $149 (SO awesome since just a service charge for someone to come out is $100 with appliance insurance). So, awesome customer service, flexible scheduling, fixed the problem on the first visit, professional and cool repair man…I’m very happy with their business. It’s a super hot weekend, and I’m really thankful I chose Grupe Bros. to fix my AC! I recommend them all the way. Thanks, Rob!

Mary R. – Petaluma, CA


I just read the other reviews and realized that they would be hard to top… But I’ll try. We had an emergency, difficult plumbing issue the week before Easter.  We called a very reputable company, in the south bay.  After recieving their bid, my husband called our wonderful contractor in Oakland.  He highly recommended that we have Rob do the job.   Rob and his crew came all the way to Palo Alto to help us.  He and his crew did the job in HALF the time for HALF the amount, honestly.  The crawl space entrance was inside my house, so I got to know all three of them fairly well.  They were extremely knowledgeable, HONEST, friendly, polite, RESPECTFUL, clean and even nice to my dog.  We liked them so much that the following week we had them install a new furnace and air conditioning.  That was something that we had planned to do before my husband retires and we were looking to find someone to trust with the job.  This is a company that you can definitely trust!! I would adopt all three of them in a nano-second.

Daryln S. – Palo Alto, CA

Rob and his crew installed air conditioning in my townhouse. Not only was his pricing very competitive, he (generously) passed on a $200 ‘off season’ discount. His team was professional and left my house spotlessly clean. I strongly recommend Groupe Bros!

Nancy H. – Petaluma, CA

I hate calling “professionals”. I try to do as much around the house as I can, but there are times when I cave and bring in an electrician, contractor, or plumber, and nine times out of ten I feel like I was overcharged for work I could have done myself easily.

But when water starts dripping from the ceiling, then I sigh wistfully, and pick up the phone.

Rob came highly – and I mean HIGHLY – recommended from a contractor friend of the family when we asked around for a plumber. He showed up BANG on time, and did the job quickly and perfectly, without going a penny over the original estimate, and… well, a complete professional.

That was a couple of years ago.

Recently, after the birth of our first child, we had to get some work done on the bathroom, and there was only one place we were calling. Rob came back out, wouldn’t enter the house without covered shoes, and was amazingly respectful when it came to doing the work around my wife and newborn. Not only that, he went out of his WAY to save us money on the job – he told us exactly how much it would cost, but warned us that he’d have to go through a wall to get to some pipes, meaning another $400-500 to a drywaller. Instead, he took the extra time himself to avoid doing that, without charging a penny extra.

The upshot? Yeah, still hurts the wallet to bring in a pro to do work around here. But Grupe Bros redefined to me what a pro is. Next time we see a renegade drip, there’ll be no hesitation on who I’ll call.

Gary E. – San Rafael, CA

Grupe Bros. did it again! We had a 25 year old furnace go out, complete with dissolved filters that were more like dusty mittens. Rob diagnosed the issue and was able to install a new heater in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner. Also they went above and beyond to take a look at our other systems and update and condition them as well. All in all, full service with a smile, and knowledge and awareness.

Chris W – Belvedere Tiburon, CA

I can’t say enough good things about Rob and Grupe Brothers.  From start to finish they were prompt and professional. Rob made sure we were happy with the job and answered all questions.Two years later everything is working perfectly. Hats off to Grupe Bros!

Lars J. – Woodacre, CA

Rob and his team were awesome. From the first time we met them for a quote all the way through to the final invoice, Rob, Rod, and Natasha in the office were great to work with. Super professional, very considerate, and patient with us. They explained all of their respective steps and the impact to our household all along the way. Their communication was amazing as well, even letting us know when they’d be just 20 or so minutes late. Respectful of our time, our little kids, and our house.  Definitely a big thumbs up!

Eric R. – San Anselmo, CA